Meet Baby Milo

Ok ok, I never promised that I would be a good, consistent blogger. So, here we are, many many months later and a 6 month old in our arms! Milo Tyler Brooks was born in July and we adopted him just a few days after he was born! Now, here we are 6 months later!Continue reading “Meet Baby Milo”

Thank you!!

THANK YOU!!!We are honestly BLOWN AWAY by the love we’ve felt from family, friends, and strangers. We feel confident that #adoption is the direction we need to go to grow our little fam and we are hopeful that those we need to talk to will be put in our path. From the bottom of our hearts, thankContinue reading “Thank you!!”

Hoping to Adopt!

We are excited to announce that… WE ARE ADOPTING!!!  Even if you don’t know anyone who is considering placing their baby for adoption please share this post far and wide with your family and friends. There is an incredible woman out there who is choosing life for her baby, and who wants to place themContinue reading “Hoping to Adopt!”

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