Tyler, Madelyn, & Milo Smith

Hoping to Adopt… Again!

Meet Us

We just wanted to start off by saying thank you for taking the time to let us introduce ourselves to you! As you already know, we are the Smiths! We are from Pleasant Grove, Utah, and we love adventures with our family, games, Survivor reruns, going on walks with our dog, Moose, and we love adoption and the joy that it has brought to our family!

Let me introduce you to the whole family starting with the youngest and newest member, Milo.


One of the Only Times Milo Smiled During Family Pictures

Milo is a charmer. He loves everyone he meets, and will go out of his way to try to make them smile. His favorite word is “car” and whenever he hears the garbage man coming he runs to the window so he can see “the big car” drive past and dump the trash bins. He loves to be involved, and he is super curious about everything. He is his mama’s whole world, and his daddy’s best bud.

Milo was born in July 2020 and placed into our arms by his loving birth mom a few days later. Milo exudes happiness and light. We are so grateful he is apart of our lives through adoption. We maintain an open adoption with his birth families whom we love so very much.


Madelyn Decorating a Cake for Mother’s Day

Madelyn is the one who gets up early, has a plan, gets it done, and has a blast while doing it. Despite the multiple open heart surgeries she has had throughout the course of her life, she has the biggest heart of anyone you will ever meet. She is a sweetheart to Milo, and adores being his mom. She is the lifeblood of this family, and we all adore her and are grateful for everything she sacrifices on our behalf. Her biggest fear is probably being turned into a zombie… which would probably explain the reoccurring dreams about zombies chasing her… She is a gifted violinist, designer, and painter. In fact, you will find that Madelyn is gifted at just about anything that requires a creative mind and an eye for design. Whether that is macrame, photography, stamp making, or making holiday decorations, you can often find her doing something creative.


Milo and Tyler at a Halloween Event

Tyler is the type that is always trying to look on the bright side of life. He’s a little bit of nerd with his love of Star Wars, drawing robots and monsters, and writing cheesy songs on the guitar. However, the thing he loves most is his family. Becoming a dad through adoption has brought him so much pride and joy in his life. During the day he is known as “Brother Smith” while he teaches a religion class to his high school students. However, when he gets home he is quickly greeted by being called 2 of his other favorite names including, “Daddy,” and “Bark Bark Bark!” as Milo and Moose both come running as soon as they hear the garage door shut. He spends his spare time playing basketball, going mountain biking, and doing animation and illustration jobs on the side.


Moose Posing for His Glamor Shot

Moose loves his toy fox. His favorite trick is to shake. He loves chasing ice cubes as they slide across the floor, and collecting rocks and sticks on his walks to add to his pile right outside our front door.

Moose has warmed up to having a new guy around the house. All it took was Milo dumping all of his food on the floor once or twice for Moose to realize that there are lots of advantages to having him around. The two of them are quickly becoming buds, and can often be found wrestling together.


Together, we love taking Moose on walks around the neighborhood, watching Survivor Reruns or the latest Mandalorian episodes, and going on weekend adventures. Some memorable ones have been finding a herd of wild horses out in the middle of the desert, boating on the Snake River, taking a day trip to Arches National Park, going to see our favorite musicals in theater, or finding a delicious new hole in the wall restaurant. Every day is a new adventure! One of our goals since the beginning has been to enjoy every moment that we can in whatever stage of life we are in, and so you can often find us out enjoying time as a family on some new adventure. 

Madelyn and Milo at the Dinosaur Museum

Because of the heart condition Madelyn was born with, adoption has always been our “Plan A.” When we decided to get married, we knew that eventually we would want to grow our family, and we have always thought that adoption was the best way for us to do that. With that, we want to promise you that any child that we bring into our home will be loved unconditionally, and will have a safe and loving home to grow up in.

We both come from families who taught us to have faith and love Jesus Christ, and that is something that we have continued to value as a married couple. We want to teach our future children to pray and have faith throughout their lives.

Milo Finding Jesus

Our families continue to be an important part of our lives with our parents and many of our brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews living close to us. We love them, and enjoy the relationships we share! And that just continues to grow with the addition of Milo’s birth family joining our extended family too! We often get together for Sunday dinners, or games nights, or just to hang out. Our family members are just as excited as we are at the opportunity to welcome another child into our family!

Take a look at our blog, or check out our instagram accounts. We are an open book, so please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions for us!


Tyler, Madelyn, Milo, and Moose

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