Meet Baby Milo

Ok ok, I never promised that I would be a good, consistent blogger. So, here we are, many many months later and a 6 month old in our arms! Milo Tyler Brooks was born in July and we adopted him just a few days after he was born!

Now, here we are 6 months later! He is getting so good at sitting up by himself, finding his voice, putting everything in his mouth, loathing people food, and being the happiest and smiliest baby around! We are so grateful for his birth families, whom we have grown to adore. His birth mom is incredible and we love her so much. I will probably talk more of her later. Her story is very sacred to me. She is the most kind and selfless person. She loves Milo so much. We love seeing the bond that they have and we look forward to continuing our relationship with both sides of his birth families.

We love you Milo! We love seeing you grow. (Stay young forever though, ok?)

With love,

Tyler and Madelyn

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