WE LOVE CONCERTS. Our favorites have included: Parachute, Andy Grammer, Beatles and Pink Floyd tribute bands, Us the Duo, The Strike, and Imagine Dragons. We have tickets to Dan + Shay and we are pumped.
Saturday hike in Arches National Park. Best time to go is when it snows!
Madelyn graduated from Brigham Young University in April 2018. She studied Graphic Design and loved it!
We looked scarier than we were… we were crushed by the 12 year olds we were playing with.
We tried our hand at betting at some car races…. We may not have won the bet, but we had a great time with some friends!
Hike to Delicate Arch, Arches National Park
Proper Milo eating his smash cake with a utensil!
Our first date. Things could’ve only gotten better from here!
On our way to visit Tyler’s Church mission in California, we stopped at Joshua Tree National Park.
For Halloween 2020, we dressed up as 2 campers, a bear and a moose!
We love sweets (mostly Madelyn), so ice cream is a favorite. Madelyn served as a missionary for our Church in Portland, Oregon. We took a trip back to visit and stopped at the Tillamook Factory. Yum!
Trip to the Hogle Zoo with nieces and nephews. Who knew Tyler’s arm span is just about as big as an adult gorilla?
When we went to the zoo in the summer of 2021, Milo had to get a matching picture with the gorillas.
On our third date, we went to a French Canadian Acrobat Lumberjack show. It was just as wild as it sounds.
Evening Trip to the Spiral Jetty near Brigham City, Utah

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